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What are the Base Components of Diet First Weight Loss Program?

I recently participated in the 6 Weeks Body Makeover Program created by Michaeal Thurmond. I came away with a much better understanding of food than I probably had before. In a lot of ways the concept built off what I learned in the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. The idea is basically that eating processed foods loaded […]

The Best Weight Loss Pills for the Weight Reduction Without any Side Effects

There is a well known fruit in African what grows in the west rain-forest in Africa. The fruit is a mango what is known as African mango all over the world. African mango helps to reduce the belly fat and it also reduces fats around your waist. Day by day, it will make your belly […]

How does Six Week Body Makeover Stack Up in the Weight Loss Market?

The facts of the life of a fitness and health blogger is you will always get more response and a bigger audience to the extent you introduce a weight loss product. If you go to a fitness product to help you get fitter, the audience will be less. The moral of the story is there […]

What are Some Obvious Worries Users May Have with the Six Week Body Makeover Program?

The very idea that you could eat more, exercise less and lose weight holds a power and sway on me that is undeniable.  After all, everything we have been taught is pretty much the total opposite. That opposite is our reality of nutrition and weight loss. It is about self-denial, discipline, uncomfortable effort and feeling […]

How Green Tea colon flow can help you Lose Weight?

Green tea is a slimvida ingredient that helps in losing weight. According to experts, you must take at least 4 cups a day in order to get the best benefits. It contains flavonoids and catechins that offer a wide range of health benefits. Explore the different reasons why this colon flow ingredient can help you […]