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Cleaning AC Milan 2 generals, making room for 1 people

The La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper yesterday, analysts said cleaning lists, even if AC Milan this summer may include 18 people, which even included the Chaaraoui and signings, location of cleaning in return for capital and freeing, Galliani has also started looking for work. In this analysis, two midfield star Michael Essien FIFA Coins and […]

AC Milan’s new signing: the rest is a final

4th night local time Milan, AC Milan came to CASA Milan winter signings Luca Antonelli autographs for fans, Bradly Antonelli to answer reporters ‘ questions. When it comes to goals of the season, Antonelli said the team still had the opportunity to play in Europe. Antonelli is a Milan Training Academy player this winter transfer […]

United General and rivals catching up on spit and was suspended for six games

According to a BBC report this morning in Manchester United’s Premier League match away to Newcastle United, Manchester United Defender Jonny Evans and Newcastle striker Djibril Cisse suspected each other’s saliva. According to BBC experts said, two people may be facing 6 suspensions. According to TV replays showed that Evans, a defensive foul put down […]

Chelsea this picture is too warm the heart

1:0 Chelsea victory over West Ham, and continue to lead in the Premier League. In this game, Cech has returned to the bench, Mourinho has his position has been very clear: Cup appearances, plus League bench, Courtois when State downs top up. Main identity is Chelsea FIFA Coins captured the first title of the season, […]

Drugs and women ruin Adriano

Former Inter striker Adriano has is Megatron serie a of characters, but due to too had indulgence himself of private life, only 33 age of he early has left European mainstream stage, Qian soon method b team Le Havre for he provides has a copies contract, this only makes he not no ball can kicked, […]