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Twee tandenborstels op de wastafel… | Boskamp en Willems Advocaten

Regelmatig wordt mij de vraag gesteld wanneer iemand mag ophouden met het betalen van partneralimentatie als degene voor wie wordt betaald een nieuwe relatie heeft. Enige tijd geleden sprak ik met een man die ongeveer vijf jaar eerder gescheiden was. Hij betaalde in het kader van de echtscheiding een partneralimentatie voor zijn ex-echtgenote. Via via […]

Corruption: A Case Study in Malta

Corruption is a word quite common in our vocabulary. Corruption leads to a situation in which the corrupt individual or individuals ultimately gain in an unfair manner at the expense of other individuals and society in general.  For some, the word corruption is synonymous with organisations such as the Italian, American, Russian and Chinese Mafias. […]

Know Where To Shop For Pepper Spray For Protection Against Attacks

I was requested by my aunt to look for self defense tools to be used by her women boarders. I advised her that we needed to buy pepper spray products. Those are the best for personal defense purposes.

What factors impact crime rates

In spite of the increase in recorded crimes in USA, the increase in relative rates is not often substantiated

The Criminal Attorney For The Defense Protects The Constitution

The Criminal Attorney For The Defense protects the constitution. This might surprise you but the criminal lawyer deserves respect for upholding the constitution. The constitution states that everyone charged with a crime is to have legal representation in the criminal proceeding.