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Does Love Die Off Over Time?

One of the questions that befuddle many people over time is definitely the concept of love. Definitely love is something that has been around for thousands of years, as it has determined the course of history over time.  Naturally, it has been a major driving force for almost everything taking place in the course of […]

Sharing Your Life Together – Relationships Tips For Working Couples

Times have changed, so have the social traditions and the relationship equations between men and women. There was a time when women were largely homemakers. Today they are just as ambitious and qualified career people as the men. Understandably, managing home and hearth together poses a challenge to every working couple – both partners have […]

Reasons Why Chinese Women Prefer Older Men As Life Mates

A lot of men are baffled to learn that a large percentage of young Chinese females prefer to meet and date men who are considerably older than them. This infatuation of Chinese women with older men is really not new as in the ancient Chinese society it was quite common for young females to marry […]

Confidence – The Most Important Aspect Of Winning The Hearts OF Chinese Girls

It is a known fact that despite the changing times, the popularity of the beautiful Chinese girls as perfect dating partners has not dipped. However, the few things that have definitely undergone a change are the tactics that men adopt to impress these oriental beauties. One of the most important aspects of winning the hearts […]

Don’t Let Your Fears Ruin Your Relationship With Wonderful Chinese Girls

Most often men using online dating sites to meet and interact with pretty Chinese girls are not able to maintain a strong relationship with these females. This is because most of them have certain fears that stop them from putting their whole hearted effort into ensuring the success of their relationship. Sadly, not many men […]