Treat all home loan customers alike

The Damodaran committee on bank customer service has recommended that they do not discriminate between new and old home loan customers with identical risk profiles, on the basis of interest rate offers. According to the report, which has been given to the Reserve Bank of India, banks should allow customers to switch their loans from […]

HDFC home loan rates Raises by 50 basis points

The existing home loan customers of mortgage major Housing Development Finance Company (HDFC) should prepare themselves to pay higher EMIs. Citing the rising interest rate scenario in the economy, the company on Tuesday said it has increased the rate of interest on floating rate home loans by 50 basis points (100 basis points=1%). The hike […]

Higher Interest Rates Slow Down Festival Car Sales Number

Mr.Sharma, 32, is in a join. Sharma has been saving for close to a year in pursuit of his first set of four wheels. His mission turned difficult when he decided to buy a diesel car instead of a petrol one to exploit the rising differential cost of the two fuels, a choice that at […]

Big banks wedge move to free savings rates

At a time when interest rates are rising, some of the largest banks are trying to block the move to deregulation of the savings bank rate, fearing the cost would rise beyond 4% in the diet free market. While the Indian Banks’ Association “(IBA) had earlier opposed the motion, the issue was raised again for […]

keep on locked in FDs as rates increase

The wave of rate hikes by the RBI has made loans more expensive, but after the last cycle tighten around gross fixed deposits could reach 9% for a period of one year. Previously, the maximum I could get was 8.25% for a similar period. TOI financial planners talked about the fact that investors now should be […]