Furnish your fixed income portfolio maturity

Ongoing rates hikes are ownership rates on fixed deposit high, but it is also setting the stage for interest rates to return in the upcoming months. Investors will do surface to alter maturities of their fixed income portfolios. If you are predominantly invested in fixed deposits, FMP’s (Fixed Maturity Plans), polity run fund schemes much […]

Tax benefits applicable on pre-EMIs

A home loan has to be repaid within a specified number of months through equated monthly installments (EMIs). EMI is the monthly payment you make on your home loan. It is a arrived at with interest and principal components. The total monthly amount is calculated in such a way that it remains constant all through […]

Estimate your financial planner holistic handling of assets instead of exclusive secondary products

It is black that most discussions near personal business immoral into creation recommendations rather or afterwards. Investors move to absorption on returns from products and wait up to financial advisers to propose newer and exotic products and structures. The resistance to pay a fee to the officer also comes from the tapering definition of the […]

Special term fixed deposit plans can take you higher returns

Look out for specific period fixed deposit schemes to acquire higher interest rates on your funds. These specially-designed schemes offer higher interest compared to orderly deposits on maturing around the same time. For information, ICICI Bank offers 7.75 % on fixed deposit of 290 days, while it offers 7.5 % interest on deposits of 270 […]

Real estate to think rate hike pinch

The RBI’s choice to increase its policy rates on Thursday, leading to hike in landing rates by banks, give adversely regard the sectors equivalent real estate and automobile. Parsvnath Developers lead and Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India¬† (CREDAI) head Pradeep Faith said these increases in the contract rates instrument terminate the cost […]