How To Create Your Own Disney Calendar

Knowing how to create your own Disney calendar means that you can make a personalized gift for your children featuring their favorite Disney characters. Does your little girl love Snow White or your son like Lighting McQueen from the Cars films? You can easily create a calendar for them featuring these characters. You can even […]

Handmade Soap – Where It Comes From And How To Make It

Soap is a product we take for granted these days, and use in large quantities. Handmade soap on the other hand, is something that we have more or less forgotten about. An interesting practise that enthusiasts of homemade soap are now re-learning. So, let’s have a brief look at the history of soap and how […]

Oil Painting Glazing Techniques

The oil painting glazing techniques are used to give an effect of depth-of-colour by applying a number of layers of different paint. The ability to use glazing techniques is one of the main advantages of painting in oil paints. ‘Glazing’ is an overall term for this technique but it also has two different meanings; Glazing […]

Allow Your Imagination Fly With Wing Tattoo Designs

Deciding on a tattoo isn’t easy. But once you have made up your mind, your next step is to determine the kind of design you want. Don’t rush into anything, as this is a vital decision. You are going to wear it for the rest of your life, after all. But one good choice for many people is a wing tattoo.

Tattoo Sleeve Could Be A Good Option For You?

A talented tattoo artist can actually create an marvelous work of art. But that alone is not what makes it truly interesting. It’s when it’s inked right into your skin. Yes, it’s like turning your body itself into a work of art.