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Name: Christopher Heilig
About the Author: Christopher Heilig is a desktop publisher who likes most anything related to designing things. This includes just about anything, from designing magazine and poster layouts to designing logos and websites. His experience in design should be spread around, in his opinion, and he has set out to do so.

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Dental Logos and Their Impact on Your Business

Deciding upon a dental logo for your business requires a bit more than closing your eyes and pointing at the image of your new avocation. The dentist willing to expect an active office will be in charge of the launching. Due to the popularity of dentistry among those who will be practicing, there is the […]

What Influence Does Your Dental Logo Have on Your Clients

The classic dental logos are nothing new to those in the practice of dentistry. They are well known to the dental patients who have grown accustomed to an image of the sparkling tooth or the cavorting toothbrush. Knowing that this collection of designs qualifies as pedestrian, those who succumb to the mundane with this sense […]

Dental logos: a general guide

Not only is dentistry one of the developed world’s highest- paid professions; it is also expanding alongside the growing population. Advertisements in the yellow pages feature their often colorful logos. Thus, an expressive dental logo is important for every practitioner in the field. Dentistry differs from business in a number of important ways. Whereas marketing […]