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Author Nick: Hajimeanne
Name: Anne Uemura
About the Author: Currently exploring internet marketing, an exciting journey. Maintaining my spiritual, writing and teaching interests as well.

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The Challenge to Trust Yourself

Learning to trust yourself is not part of our classroom offerings.  If you’re lucky, someone in your life has pointed out the importance of self-trust and perhaps you’ve acquired it.  But it can frequently become an uphill battle against so much of what we’re taught. I just read a blog-post from one of my marketing […]

Pointers to Reduce Stress

Recently a marketing coach said to us, when you make a list of things to do for the day or week, don’t stretch yourself. Make a shorter list rather than longer. While it may defy what others teach, his reasoning was pointing out how you feel when you fail to complete the list. Rather than […]

The Matrix Choice: Red Pill? Blue?

Many of you remember that scene when the hero, Neo, is given the choice of taking the red pill or the blue pill. One keeps you in the Matrix in which you and everyone else in it are sleeping. Nothing changes for you. Or you awake from the dream and nothing is the same. This […]

Jumping out of the Box after Midlife

I’m way past mid-life. However I feel as though I going through that transition time again, this time more consciously and with a sense of play. What I mean by “mid-life” is that point after age forty when the life so carefully constructed in the early decades begins to unravel. Marriages fall apart; jobs disappear; […]

Creating a Sense of Space and Order

Many years ago I accompanied my Mom to the country of my ancestors, Japan. One of the remarkable discoveries I made was on the grounds of Ryoanji Temple, location of the famous Zen rock garden. I noticed that there were no leaves under the trees and bushes. The result was pristine, unmarred in its living […]