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About the Author: I'm a diver who lives in Sydney.

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Indonesian Destinations

Touring Indonesia is definitely a trip you will not ever forget. Plan for a long ride to obtain there, as it’s a 31 hour or so flight from Ny. Bali is a marvellous area with a range of fun packed activities available. It will be the main tourist subject of Indonesia. The people of Bali […]

Cairns most popular scuba diving sites

Cairns, Australia is a popular scuba dive travel destination with some of the best Great Barrier Reef diving and snorkeling available .Thousands of tourists are ferried out everyday by the giant catamarans to snorkel and scuba dive the various offshore reefs and join in the various marine activities offered. Agincourt Ribbon Reefs. A pair of […]

The Outstanding Great Barrier Reef: Australia’s Tropical Paradise

The Great Barrier Reef can be found off the north-east coastline of Queensland , and it is definitely one of the exceptional all-natural amazing things around the world. It’s a World Heritage listed park as well as being among the most important holiday destinations in Australia and also the world. It brings together a wonderful […]

White-Water River Rafting In Cairns

From time to time many of us feel like we could go someplace else and not be concerned about everthing else. Where we’re able to leave a safe and comfortable universe, and have an idea of thrill along with potential risk. A variety of adrenaline sports allow us to be heroes or heroines for a […]

White-Water River Rafting In And Around Australia

Now and again most people feel like we could possibly go somewhere without having to care about anything else. Where we can easily leave behind a secure and cozy country, and find a taste of excitement plus possible real danger. Many adventure sporting activities enable us to become heroes and / or heroines for a […]