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About the Author: Hi I am Charles Martin from United States.

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A Sample Letter to Reject Job Offer

Well its a great thing if you have landed this page. Not many are reading sample letters to reject job offers. Most of them are busy writing job application letters. Similar to you needing extensive preparation to land job roles; you do require guidelines to reject job offers as well. Why are you rejecting a […]

Importance of Savings

What is the greatest secret that we all share in common? Well, you can think of many such options, one among those is our “future” We are all busy, making futuristic plans and predictions. However, not all turn out to be a reality. Isn’t it? Learned and experienced individuals say that we should always make […]

High Demand Jobs in US Army

A U.S citizenship, clean legal records, high school diploma or relevant education, and most importantly, good physical fitness is all you need to shuffle between varied career options available within the U.S Army. These options extend to almost 150 career paths in the arts, science, law enforcement, aviation. Intelligence, combat and many more. All these […]

Resume Length and Resume Layout Tips

Resume length is the most important factor contributing to the quality of your resume. When you are presenting the details on your CV, make sure that you do not put any false or vague details to impress the employer. If such case is identified, it will make a bad impression of you or employer may […]