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Sleeping tips for a healthy life

Sleep is among the most underestimated factors for our wellness and health. In the recent years, scientists have found a surprising impact of sleep cycles on our overall wellbeing. Tracking sleep and making a composite health profile has been made possible with fitness wearables and our smartphones. Doctors are using this profile to treat lifestyle […]

Setting up an e-commerce business online

E-Commerce is growing into trillions of dollars a year and the growth chart shows no sign of abatement. From generic stores which sold everything, the market today is headed towards an influx of specialty stores focusing on smaller niches and more carefully chosen products. Genres like health and wellness, fitness, electronics, gaming, auto ancillaries, fashion […]

Shop and Save Through Online Shopping

More and more people today prefer shopping online for a variety of personal and common items instead of wasting their gas and time going to malls and joining the long lines of people in the cashier section. While there are also some downsides to online shopping, these downsides are never enough to beat the many […]

Lifestyle changes to set you on the path to good health!

Our lifestyle is the biggest threat to a healthy body. The busier we get, the less time we sleep, our food isn’t consumed at specific times, we don’t get time to exercise, and we generally abuse our body. This is a common phenomenon with most professionals who have busy jobs neglecting their body. This tells […]

Your smartphone can get you fitter!

Is there anything our smartphones can’t do? They can open and start your car, control the temperature of your thermostats and air conditioners at home, record a TV show when you’re away, all miracles if we think back to a decade ago. And this is not even taking into consideration the way they have changed […]