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Can you use any font/typeface on your website?

Before I begin this article I’ll have to address an issue of semantics. According to my dictionary a font is ‘a set of type of one particular face and size’; a typeface is ‘a particular design of type’. In computing terms a font is a digital file that stores the information needed to render ‘a […]

Protect your business with services from Triple Star Fire

No doubt you protect your company premises from burglars, your company property from thieves, even your business ideas from your competition. But a surprising number of businesses are failing to adequately protect themselves from fire, reports leading fire safety equipment provider, Triple Star Fire ( Each and every year in the UK, people die and […]

Our one-day course introduces you to the unlimited potential of NLP

Are you familiar with the term, “neuro-linguistic programming”? If you are, then it’s likely that you have seen it – or the acronym, NLP – on the cover of all manner of self-help books. You might have even bought and read such books. However, as undoubtedly inspirational as many of them are, here at Opt2xl […]

What makes Sherborne rise and recline chairs a cut above the rest?

If you are looking for riser recliners (comfortable, supportive, upholstered chairs which assist you in sitting and standing) then you are bound to come across the name Sherborne. That is because they are one of the leading manufacturers of these type of chairs and are highly respected in the specialist furniture industry. Here, Express Recliners […]

Contact Oriel Systems about the most suitable telemetry hosting system

Oriel Systems ( has built a strong industry reputation for its provision of flexible, reliable and cost-effective telemetry and tank monitoring systems for the water, printing, chemical and oil and gas industries. However, although the suitability of such telemetry systems is partly assured by such factors as their scalability and ease of installation, another key […]