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HTML5 and Flash Digital Publishing Solutions for Anyone

PDF has a long history in printing and publishing industry. In business area, people use PDF very often to present promotional contents such as product catalogs, corporation magazines, promotional leaflets and so many more digital editions. As PDF gets a printed look which is not editable, so it’s suitable for distribution and sharing online and […]

Make Mobile Device Supported Multimedia Publications Without Any Code

Have you tried saving your business documents, scrapbooks, manual files etc on a portable document(PDF)? Many readers feel that it’s tedious to read a long and unchanging document, so do you have any good idea to please your readers’ eyes with freshness and surprises? Things will become easy if you take a try of Kvisoft […]

Open Source Online Publishing Tools for Teachers and Digital Authors

Digital authors, marketing workers, teachers etc may use digital publishing tools very often in daily work life. Hereof in this article, I’ll share top free web digital publishing resources with you guys. The below tools are all free and they can help you create beautiful digital publications at no cost. Continue to see whether they […]

Show Multimedia Contents on a PDF Flip Book

Are you watching the Brazil World Cup with your families or friends? It’s wonderful to see your favorite football star running on the green football field with vigor and sweat. When the 2014 World Cup attracts the eyes of worldwide people, salespersons may want to publish some football related stories such as football star, match […]

List of Free But userful Movie Editors

Many friends have a big crush on watching movies, but when you need to edit a movie to get your satisfied video clips for special use like education, business etc, and then things get difficult. Many paid video file converter provides outstanding editing features, but you may just need a common video tool for one-time-use. […]