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Collection of Designer Sunglasses

Having a stock of designer sunglasses not only tweaks your personality but also reflects your status symbol. Wait a while and give a shot, whether your sunglass retained their quality or have deteriorated with time. Sunglasses help us prevent our eyes from direct sunlight because it has UV radiations that cause damage to our eyes. […]

Statins and Cholesterol: The Real Score

Have you read the stories proclaiming that the group of statin drugs is saving millions of lives? Recent studies show that the truth could be very different. If you have any of the following then the odds are that you have had your cholesterol checked: – High blood pressure Risk of heart attack Risk of […]

Prescription Glasses & Spectacles Switching

Advising against wearing someone else’s prescription glasses is a commonly experienced occurrence. Many people harbours the belief is that switching prescription glasses is unhealthy for your vision and may aggravate you eyesight disorders. Knowledge of the basic reason for vision related disorders will help you to analyse the merit of this claim. During the development […]

Facts and Risk Factors Regarding Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be a disease which can greatly affect the lifestyle of the individual and this is because there instances when the condition can evolve into a complication. Due to the possibility of a complication developing dry eyes should be treated with the utmost seriousness and treatment should be carried out promptly. This is […]

With Freshlook Colourblends, Your Eyes are the Most Beautiful Shade of…Turquoise?

There are many different eyes colours, and many people enjoy trying out different colour lenses such as Freshlook Colourblends to find out what they would look like if they had been born with different genes. Freshlook Colourblends are the perfect contact lens for changing any eye colour to something new and exciting for everyone.   […]