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plastic cards was established with the aim of 1998 with the aim of providing the White Cards and blank card to India with Plastic cards manufacturing. With over years of experience it is offering (Plastic or Pvc) card and loyalty programmes for the fast-growing Asia Pacific market. It has expanded to such an extent that now […]

Doro 341gsm- Making Phone Calls Easier

If you are thinking of a good phone that would give you quality sound output and easy dialing, then you can try the Doro 341gsm. It can send and receive messages and calls but it does not have other applications.

Satellite TV 101: The Common Benefits of Sports Channels

If you’re about to enter the world of sports, you may experience something better than the others. A sport is all about passion, dedication and hard work to win for yourself or for your team. Most of the people now are watching popular sports in the world like basketball, football, soccer, boxing, baseball and other kinds of sports. However, that has to change even better with satellite TV. A satellite TV can provide us a lot of channels to choose from, which is similar to cable TV. Each channel focuses on its own niche or interest for the audience, while other channels are making a variety of it. We are now talking about sports channels, and this is where we can see real excitement in watching them play. For example, if you are a Chicago Bulls basketball fan and want to watch them on TV, you will get excited every time they score and win. Every individual has their own favorite player or team to cheer on, and it doesn’t matter at all. When their team wins, it feels like they are a winner too.

HTC Mozart 7 : An Impressive Phone

HTC has launched 5 smartphones into the Windows Phone 7 realm. This one is one of the more stylish. This unit boasts an 8 mega-pixel camera with a Xenon flash. Others in its class only have a 5 mega-pixel camera and a less powerful LED flash. Music aficionados will love the Mozart and its Zune software.

Micro Sim Cards are replacing Sim Cards

With the launch of the iPad and iPhone 4, Apple kickstarted the Micro Sim Card revolution. The sim card is a small chip inside your phone which uniquely identifies you, the customer. It lets the network know where you are and lets you make calls. You may store a limited amount of contact details on your sim card too, which is useful if you have more than one phone.