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MIL-STD-130 and Its Benefits to the Industry

MIL-STD-130 is the DOD approved standard for unique identification marking. Unique identification is necessary for every DOD owned product and property. Product authenticity, as well as security and privacy being the major concerns of the Department of Defense, MIL–STD-130 specifies a set of UID marking parameters. Material selection, UID marking process, data encoding, and the […]

The Importance of UID Verification

The UID verification process plays an important role in the unique identification process. This process ensures accuracy of the marking process. Before nameplates come into use, a product manufacturer has to go through a verification process to ensure that all identification is within compliance guidelines. All government manufacturers should be registered with the Central Contractor […]

Comparison between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

When news about iPhone 5 is sizzling everywhere online, it is natural that the iPhone 5 has become the next hot purchasing decision in numerous people’s mind. Are you hesitating about upgrading your old iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to new Apple handset iPhone 5? Are you dreaming to enjoy 3D publications (can be made […]

The attractive benefits of having a sky installation

Among the many reasons why residents decide to have a sky installation is the one that the viewers can enjoy hundreds of channels at their fingertips. If you make this choice, you are able to tailor your TV channel packages to suit your needs. To a variety pack with many types of programs, you can […]

Ensure End-to-End Information Security with Advanced Threat Management

Threat management is “an approach to network security that integrates a number of different approaches, designed to thwart threats before they actually enter the system.” Compared to before, today effective threat management is highly essential because enterprises face threats from external agents, internal employees, business partners, activist groups to name a few, who resort to […]