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Vishakhapatnam- The Crossroads of the Past and Present

Vishakhapatnam has a hoary past as part of the Kalinga kingdom and later as part of the Mauryan Empire. When King Ashoka gave up monarchy and became a Buddhist priest, Vizag was taken over by the Satavahanas. During various periods, excavations have unearthed relics belonging to all these periods. Many of these relics have been […]

New Jersey Transport Service

Jersey City is the seat of Hudson county, new jersey, united states.Part of the New Yorkmetropolitan area, jersey city lies between the Hudson river and upper New York Bay across from lower Manhattan and thee Hackensack River and Newark Bay. A port of entry, with 11 miles of waterfront and significant rail connections, Jersey City […]

Vijayawada – Andhra Pradesh’s Business Capital

In India, Vijayawadais the third state that is the largest in the country located on the Krishna river bank. From Hyderabad it is situated at a distance of 250 kilometers and is one of the main business and trading centre. For the Hindus and the Buddhists it is a popular religious centre. Visitors from all […]

India Tour – Enchanting Destinations You Should Explore

India is a huge country in its area of tourism where you can travel around in any part then you will find all things different and so it is called as diversity in unity in India. Land of India enjoys unique environmental and cultural features. It offers a diverse beautiful tourism option in the country […]

Los Angeles City Is A Tourist Attraction

Los Angeles Cityis a tourist attraction for its splendid sightseeing, Hollywood glamour and performing art. Los Angeles is the largest city of California and second largest in United States. It is situated on the Southern side of California and is surrounded by diverse habitats like mountains, valleys, forests and finally Pacific Ocean. The city is […]