Text More Easily With The LG LG500G Tracfone

In The Event You Are Fed Up With Contracts On Your Cell Phone The LG LG500G Tracfone With Double Minutes For Life Might Be A Great Option.

There are tons of individuals nowadays that are trying to find a mobile phone but don’t want to sign up for a contract. There are a lot of options these days for getting prepaid cell phones but the issue is the fact that they can wind up being rather expensive. One of the reasons that these services can be so expensive is because you have to buy a phone for the prepaid services, and they could cost up to $200. It’s for this reason that we have made a decision to take a peek at the LG LG500G Tracfone with Double Minutes for Life.

The first thing you have probably realized would be that if you were to get this phone you’ll wind up getting double minutes from Tracfone for as long as you keep this phone. If you have ever checked out the prices of minutes you are able to find that these minutes that you buy can end up being expensive no matter what service you use. And when you get your double minutes you will discover that you’ll only be spending eight cents per minute. The going price for minutes from the majority of organizations is anywhere in between .10 and .12 cents for every minute you use.

On the subject of the phone you get with this package you are going to discover that it is a rather good quality phone. More than likely you have heard of LG and you’re already aware that pretty much every cell phone company employs their phones for their clients, and this should let you know that this is a good quality phone. Browsing the Internet and sending text messages is rather easy when you recognize that this phone comes with a QWERTY keyboard. There is another really cool feature that comes with this phone and that’s the MP3 player which is built in to this phone. The battery life of this specific phone is pretty good, you’ll end up getting 170 hours of standby service and you’ll additionally get 4 hours of talk time.

You need to also know that Tracfone was one of the very first cellular phone services to offer prepaid cell phones. The reason I point this out is so you realize that this company is not some fly by night company and that they have been around for a while. The packs of minutes that you can buy will come in many more than merely one denomination. The truth is you can buy as few as 30 minutes as well as as many as 1500 minutes at a time. Due to the fact that you get double minutes, in the event you purchase 200 minutes you get 400 minutes.

You are able to buy this phone from Amazon for just $18.99, and you should realize that this is a great price for this phone.

When it comes to prepaid cell phone service and also getting a good phone, you will find that this is one of the better choices available today. More deals on our Reebok v 8.90 treadmill website for a great, healthy body.

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