Largest city of Sichuan Chengdu

Largest city of Sichuan province, Chengdu is an agricultural gem with village in the water a vibrant culture. When visiting China, don’t miss out a tour around the city of Chengdu with your families.

The laid back culture and peaceful ambiance is ideal for the perfect getaway you have always craved. Rimmed through a mountain range, the climate is breezy and cool making it the best for a travelling tourist. Picture perfect scenic mountains in Chengdu are inviting for an adventure’s itinerary. Plan your next adventure climb in Chengdu with your friends to have an awesome time.

The stunning westernized skyline and lush green open spacious are prominent thus adds a colourful beauty to the city. The vibrant nightlife is active and alive when dusk breaks. Stroll through the bustling neo-lit streets ad savour the road side food vendors. Crunchy and munchy insects are all time favourite of the passerby locals. Get your guts to have a crunchy munchy snack while strolling through the city streets.

Trains are the best way to get to other favourite destinations or neighbouring cities like Kunming, Chongqing and Xian. Complete your itinerary on land by hopping on to a bus. The quick scenic views are awe-inspiring in a metro ride. Hail a taxi if you want a hassle free journey alone to your preferred attraction or destination. Bicycles are frequently rented out to get by the city to avoid the bustling morning and evening rush hours.

Snap a photograph of Chairman Mao at the enormous public square Tianfu Square. Take a walk in the evening to enjoy a musical fountains. For fantastic shopping sprees and colourful retail therapy, take your friends and family to spend hours and hours below the Tianfu Square.

Chengdu Zoo is large and widespread is a family based entertainment center. Feed your favourite animal, pet them and take a photograph to take back home. Souvenirs and memories are made at the Chengdu Zoo. Take your kids this holiday to spend an awesome vacation filled with fun and laughter at the Chengdu Zoo while in China.

Sichuan Opera is a must see venue for those who loves visual art performances. Take a glimpse of breathtaking performances to traditional show pieces. Quick face changing and fire eating dancers is the most attractive feature in the performance. Shadow plays, comedies, traditional musicians and many more add to a burlesque theatre than an actual opera. You’ll love it. Visit Chengdu for a whole new experience this time with your families and loved ones.

Chengdu is also a pilgrim site for Buddhists all over the world. Wuhouci Temple is a popular place of interest among many Buddhists. Wenshu Temple is the most impressive temple among the rest in the city for it features more than 400 Buddha statues and other relics.

You love pandas – everyone loves pandas and their famous habitat is in China. Visit the most visited Changed Panda Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding with your kids. The biggest of this in the world, it is home to over 50 giant pandas, red pandas and black neck cranes. cheap flights to hangzhou, cheap flights to chengdu

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