Google Nexus Tablet to Compete with Kindle Fire

Google seems to have been caught off guard with the crazed sales of the Amazon Kindle Fire and have now decided it was time for them to follow suit. The Amazon Kindle Fire has sold more tablets that any other Android producer to date and thus made unthinkable profits from its ability to only download apps from their Amazon Market (without rooting it). Google now with the mention of their Google Nexus tablet intend to do the same thing subsidizing bankroll from the tablets with the Google Play Market.

Google says that they should be able to peddle their Google Nexus Tablets for around $200 assisting to turn around the Android Market experience and putting the App sales back into their court. Google plans to debut tablets by Asus and conceivably even Samsung and sell them under the Google or “Nexus” name for around that $200 price point.

While we don’t have all of the specifics now the Wall Street Journal has settled that Google will be selling the “Nexus” tablet directly to consumers through an online web store. This ought to also keep costs down. As more information comes available we will be sure to let you know.

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