The Significance Of A Forklift Training Course When Using The Equipment

OSHA and CSA establish criteria for forklift safety training that meets current standards and regulations. Anybody intending to operate a forklift is required to successfully complete safety training before making use of any kind of forklift. The accredited Forklift Operator Training Program is intended to provide individuals training with the practical skills and knowledge to become an operator of a forklift.

There are forklift operation safety regulations which must be followed pertaining to pre-shift checks, and rules for loading and lifting.

An inspection checklist should be done and submitted to the supervising authority before beginning a shift. When a maintenance problem is uncovered, the utilization of the particular machinery must be discontinued until the issue has been addressed. To be able to indicate the equipment is out of order, the keys have to be removed from the ignition and a warning tag placed in a location that is visible.

Safety regulations for loading would include checking the load rating capacity on the forklift to determine how much the equipment could handle. When starting the equipment, the forks must be in the down position. Bear in mind that there is a loss of approximately 100 pounds carrying capacity for every inch further away from the carriage which the load is carried.

Lifting must start with the driver moving to a stopped position around three inches from the load. The mast should then be leveled until it has reached a right angle with the load. Lift the forks to one inch underneath the slot on the pallet and drive forward. Next lift forks four inches. Tilt back the load to secure it for moving. Drive the lift backwards if the load obscures frontal vision. Check behind and honk to warn other personnel. Do not allow forks to drag on the ground.

The load must be loaded by the forklift in such a way that ensures the load is secure and will not cause a hazard to other people or objects. Restraining loads is necessary for materials that can shift during transport and destabilize the forklift.

To prevent the shifting of drums, drums can be strapped together to lessen movement. Forklift operators should drive slowly when transporting liquids, to decrease instability in the forklift.

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