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Music in Australia offers a different approach towards improvement

Music in Australia is in broad approaches drawing on to community music and this includes variety of community music such as:

  • Amateur music: This includes choirs, brass bands and community orchestras. It provides participants an experience same as a professional ensemble featuring parts and scores, led by skilled conductors, and includes auditions. The music performed is mostly from the Western canon.
  • Communal music: This includes community groups and the music is from diverse traditions and cultures, ukulele groups, jam sessions and community choral groups. It is driven by open access, participation, eclectic repertoire, shared connections, relaxed views on standards and musicianship.
  • Music of a Community: This music represents a particular ethnic community, or interest of a community, and represents people’s identity. It is available only to members of a particular community, and the group knowledge may be within the community.
  • Music Interventions: Activities addressing community needs through music is done by fostering cultural engagement. This helps in increasing civic pride, social cohesion and community well-being. They can provide learning and participation opportunities to address issues of disengagement or disadvantage.

The first three approaches depend on organically occurring activities, or a committed individual initiative, generally involving making of group music.  The fourth represents a proactive approach taken with music to achieve a broader development outcome, social or cultural. There may be organizational and financial support and activities are free for the participants. These categories are determined by goals, values and have reason for existences. Groups can span more and the approaches can be valued expressions, based on traditions, identity, creativity, beliefs and interests.

Music in Australia is updating now and the music council of Australia is working on the relaunch of Music Australia by migrating information from various sites to this new site. Recently, the Music in Communities released a report presenting statistics on community choirs as diverse and active sector.

Councils play an important role in encouraging, supporting and in promoting live music. Now parents are also taking initiative and are offering information about instrument choices that practical action is taken in school for music that new curriculum includes making music and lots more related to music. The schools offering music helps most students who get less marks in literacy and math. They can participate in the Australia school music classes and develop this art that interests them as well. There is more interest showed for music in the schools in Australia and here are some facts revealed about the music.

  • The learning of music has been proved to reveal better feelings and reduces stress to a great level that the school music lessons help in learning subjects better.
  • Australian parents also now believe that music must be mandatory in the schools owing to its best benefits.
  • Now only few schools are able to offer music lessons and so learning music in Australia is being worked upon so that the best is available to the students. The aim is to see growth and development in the children’s education.

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