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Music in Australia, Different sytles

Australia is a diverse country rich geographically and culturally. The richness is embodied in music as it embraces all styles and genres, steeped in tradition that it is apparent in the innovation and experimentation forefront. Different music styles in Australia include:



The songs and music here are inseparable from the cultures and belong to unbroken traditions revealing years behind. Music is an important community activity and is found in ceremony in all the cultures. The rich and oral traditions of each community are guarded by the Aboriginal songmen as custodians. Secular and sacred songs are integral and also include western styles derived due to other cultures contacts.



In the 21st centuries, Australia’s contemporary music has received its identity and even the traditional musicians play an important role in developing the bridges with broader Australian community and in contributing actively to offering cultural expression. Contemporary music embraces genres from folk and roots to rock, blues, hip hop, pop and classical forms. The traditional music key events include:

  • National Indigenous Music Awards
  • Boomerang Festival
  • Homeground
  • Clancestry


Folk Music

Fok music is taught in the oral form and has existed since the colonial days. There are many folk clubs and local communities in Australia. The folk traditions are enriched by migrant cultures and variants of country music, narrating stories through life of music, longing and love, drawing on traditions and rural themes. This includes Gaelic, Celtic, Pacific Island, Macedonian, Greek, Asian and African cultures. The music is revealed through love and longing.


Contemporary Music

Popular and Rock music have endless sub categories and genres. Some are referred to as country, alternative, folk, grunge, hip hop, punk, ska, indie, progressive rock and soul. Each may have sub categories such as heavy metal music and may be abound by hybrid forms. These are best to learn and offer a proper niche for each music lover type.


Australia produces in all of the categories great music, and is popularly known for indie (independent) and substitute scenes. Australia pursues having an active live music scene despite impacts on many venues, such as gentrification and regular national and international acts, tours and multiple music festivals. There are professional associations, a large range of rights and development agencies. You can access information in our music industry section on these organizations.




Roots and Blues Music

These music styles are rooted in a specific place or tradition. Songs may be in original languages and are stylistically unique. Generally, the non-western music combines the cultural traditions with other forms and western popular music. the traditional forms include Spanish Flamenco, Portuguese Morna, Latin American Salsa, Zydeco and Cajun, Serbian Sevdah, Jewish Klezmer, American Bluegrass and the world music includes classic music from the west and this includes Asian, Chinese and Japanese styles.


Jazz music is also a well known art form that is popular and is taught in all the music schools in Australia. It includes different forms of art music and also teaches quality jazz scene. There is a good quality jazz musicianship.


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