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About the Author: I am a divorce attorney in Tulsa.

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Tulsa Divorce Lawyers – Start Strong In Divorce

Divorce is an ugly term that receives its just due in a lot of circles of the American population. When perceived as being an ugly term, divorce carries with it a connotation of being a headache, a hassle, and being an expensive process that NO ONE wants to go through. Of course, as you well […]

Tulsa Divorce Lawyers – Preparation Is Key In Divorce

Divorce can be a very competitive process when the spouse’s are contesting the divorce and are willing to fight for what they want. Because divorce can be so competitive of a process, it is just like any other competitive process in that preparation is key to winning. Of course let us clarify up front that […]

Tulsa Divorce Lawyers – An Overview Of The Steps Of The Divorce Process

Divorce is confusing. Because divorce is confusing, divorce lawyers are required to attend at least seven years of college, earn a law degree, and pass the bar exam – it is a very demanding process. Once a divorce lawyer has completed the stringent process, they have earned the label ‘professional’. That being said, it is […]

Tulsa Divorce Lawyers – The Beginning Stages Of The Divorce Process

Just like we stated over, during the early stages of the divorce you are going to experience a lot of negative emotions like uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety. A big part of the reason why you can expect to experience these negative emotions is because the divorce process is so confusng. Keep in mind that divorce […]

Tulsa Divorce Lawyers – The Litigation Steps Of Divorce

The litigation phase of the divorce process marks the close of the ‘beginning phase’ of your case and marks the start of the actual court room litigation phase of your case. Keep in mind that the litigation phase can be lengthy and tiresome. We have all heard horror stories about the divorces(celebrity divorces for example) […]