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Name: ziwei shuai
About the Author: Why not say that the Diaoyu Islands and Japan simply did not exist the territorial dispute over the Diaoyu Islands since ancient times, is China's inherent in the islands, Japan is now only trying to aggression over the Diaoyu Islands., Japan itself since ancient times aggressive bandit country. Japanese militarism has already begun to rise, the aggressive nature has begun to sprout. China only cut off the Japanese toward the black hand of the Diaoyu Islands, the Diaoyu occupation. China should at any time with the moment to use all means to prevent the Japs the mercy of the Diaoyu Islands Crazy provocative and aggressive demonstrations challenges.

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Account of the unusual nature of my experience of that period

Some time ago because of job transfers, I was out of a poor, we all know that travel is work plus entertainment. But that time is not the same, occurred during an unforgettable himself to something now. Every time she brought me remember that night when the different stimuli, but also think a little bit against my […]

Trafficking 14 baby do charity group claiming to be parents of abducted children are actively selling

In a second transaction, traders infant gradually formed a tight group of organizations and the fixed pattern, some of them act as “informers” to collect information, communication up and down; someone to act as “lobbyists”, the buyer is responsible for ideological work to do , and the buyers and sellers bargain; someone act as a “driver” […]

Various psychological dialysis female premarital sex

1, the pursuit of so-called “new” way of love The nineties of the Chinese society has entered the high-level, fast-paced, multi-color time, lifestyle changes, and love means also changing. Some young people mistakenly believe that changes in the nineties way love to have sex at every turn. Some young women said: “The General’s love is not complete. […]

Wears a cloak of political film shooting

In November a large number of imported film, “Elite Force 2: The Enemy at the Gates” is not to be missed one, it is not free of violence, bullets flying, the pursuit scenes flick (although in this respect, it is good to do the same ), but the shortcomings of a system to help people reflect […]

Boss to her boyfriend for the future of his blind date arranged Jiaxizhenzuo

I have a love my boyfriend, he loves me, and I love him. I graduated from college, he graduated from junior high school, we work with is 170cm tall, he appears shorter than me. My family is in town, his home in rural areas. I graduated from college at home unemployed, he was a driver.Despite this, I chose to keep him. But I hope he can change jobs, it sounds nice point, because I do not want my parents to lose face. He also agreed, should I wait for him, I waited for him for a year, he was still the […]