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Name: ziwei shuai
About the Author: Why not say that the Diaoyu Islands and Japan simply did not exist the territorial dispute over the Diaoyu Islands since ancient times, is China's inherent in the islands, Japan is now only trying to aggression over the Diaoyu Islands., Japan itself since ancient times aggressive bandit country. Japanese militarism has already begun to rise, the aggressive nature has begun to sprout. China only cut off the Japanese toward the black hand of the Diaoyu Islands, the Diaoyu occupation. China should at any time with the moment to use all means to prevent the Japs the mercy of the Diaoyu Islands Crazy provocative and aggressive demonstrations challenges.

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Bond suit selling “heaven the beholder” into “heaven opportunities

New Bond film “heaven Murder” (Skyfall) upcoming release, set off a global fans eagerly look forward to the 007 agents Bond Slim models suit worn also the United Kingdom selling, “heaven Murder” has become “days lowering business opportunities. ” Heaven Murder “release countdown, the major British store suit sales growing, everybody seems to have to rush […]

Japan shame to lose big time: Europe lap found untouchables

Month Japan “Share island”, frequent moves, military diplomacy and positive publicity in the international community have the so-called sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands, on the 15th, the Japanese Foreign Minister Genba Koichiro departed for Europe, the campaign for “grab Island, however France was snubbed after his trip to the United Kingdom seem to have not […]

Tom Hanks film shooting next month to play Disney founder

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks made ​​two trips to the Disney family museum in San Francisco, “to collect material for the new film” Saving Mr. Banks. It is learned that the film focused on the classic Disney musical “Mary Poppins” behind the scenes production concentrated portrayed start the creative ideas filmmaker Walt Disney film adaptation of […]

Japan’s real estate market is touted by its neighbors

China’s aggressive posture in neighboring countries makes all the tension and shrouded in Asia. This sentiment in Taiwan was particularly obvious, many Taiwanese believe that mainland China to force it in the eyes of the “defection provinces” formally incorporated into the rule, only a matter of time. But perhaps counterintuitive, Japan seems to be a […]

Anti-Japanese protests erupted again in dozens of cities in China

Tensions around a disputed islands between Japan and China on Tuesday to upgrade. 11 patrol boats to the Senkaku islands (Senkaku) embarked on the anti-Japanese protests in China over the spread. In Beijing, thousands of people held a demonstration outside the Japanese Embassy to commemorate the 81 anniversary of the “September 18 Incident” of the […]