Japan shame to lose big time: Europe lap found untouchables

Month Japan “Share island”, frequent moves, military diplomacy and positive publicity in the international community have the so-called sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands, on the 15th, the Japanese Foreign Minister Genba Koichiro departed for Europe, the campaign for “grab Island, however France was snubbed after his trip to the United Kingdom seem to have not been successful.

Britain unwilling blending

Original Japanese Foreign Minister’s first visit to Europe to get on the back seat, but was diplomatic cold shoulder when he expected to get a warm reception in the United Kingdom. The British Foreign Office for a meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Foreign Minister has remained silent, and stressed that any press conference held after the end of the meeting will not.

The day of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, met Genba Koichiro kept deliberately low-key, even the Japanese in the United Kingdom, the reporter did not get an interview with the license, the Japanese Embassy in Britain the Genba itinerary is also secretive, vague so that was more the Genba this trip is not interested in the British media is kept at a distance, the island dispute between itself and Argentina, the United Kingdom government and do not want to too much involved in the islands dispute between other countries, according to reports, the British Government station is not on the team no position on the Diaoyu Islands issue, the British expert on international issues, said Japanese Foreign Minister’s high-profile visit to escape the disappointed and go ending.

Anatoly Man (British expert on international issues), said: “The vast majority of countries do not want to really involved in this dispute, the government statement also very careful which party will not support, but stressed that both sides should exercise restraint, to reach a settlement. Frankly, I think this Genba visit is not a cause for concern. ”

According to the arrangement, the last stop Genba Germany ヴィトン 財布. Now it seems that Germany is very cold for his arrival, the German media basically only brief reports of the news.

French understand style day after big rally

According to previous media reports in Japan, Genba’s carrying a Japanese government about the details of the Diaoyu Islands issue, and to submit to the law of the Anglo-German government also plans to distribute the influential European media. But in the afternoon, the attitude manifested by the French media is “indifferent”, met in the afternoon on the 16th, only to see an AFP photographer addition without any a French radio station, television station or newspaper sent reporters come to interview.

The look in the mirror to Germany should find support

Genba will visit Germany, the analysis pointed out that the Diaoyu Islands issue, he will not get any support for the opposite reflection attitude of Germany after World War II fell worthy of his learning.

“Dragged down by the acts of the Japanese the” Share island “, China and Japan missed opportunities for the use of recovery on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations, the bilateral relations to the next level. Moreover, two experts on international issues Huayi Wen wrote: State relationship the first time in 40 years, the situation of the “politically cold and economically cool coincidence that China and Germany have just celebrated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the two sides agreed to promote the Sino-German strategic Looking to the future in a new historical starting point partnerships continue to be fully forward. Originally, the past 40 years, Sino-Japanese relations and the Sino-German relations have experienced a scratch by fewer and more progressive approach to the course of development; Today, two pairs of relations a hot and a cold, the contrast is obvious cause for regret.

“Originally, forty middle age; Sino-German relations have now embarked on a healthy, mature way, Sino-Japanese relations are facing opposite whither doubt Originally {www.bootsaga.com/}, Germany and Japan were all World War II defeated nation , after toward industrialization and modernization, and both leapt to the forefront of the developed countries; Today, Germany still enjoys strong economic growth momentum in Europe to play a locomotive role, while the Japanese lost two consecutive years, but faced with domestic economic, social and serious problem of foreign policy is the way out of Japan, Germany, and China’s national conditions naturally vary, but there is a consensus in the international community: Compared to Japan, Germany, the reflection of the historical issues and the development of road is very thorough, able to get rid of the historical burden, for real towards normal countries to create the necessary conditions.

“Japan and its to the international community, including Germany, continue to peddle contraband, it is better to Germany as a mirror, according to a photo yourself, look for their own problems and difficulties in relations with neighboring countries crux of Where.”

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