I’ll tell you how to make the United States Senate and the House Huawei “Shaikang

Huawei, ZTE event posts a lot, but they are Huawei seen as Apple company appears to be in need universal Huawei and ZTE are doing to facilitate better understanding of digestion basic concepts, and then discuss. Huawei, for example.

The communications industry is a long industrial chain, and themselves with the technology and market changes, evolution and change.

The civil communication this market really should be traced back to the mid-1980s, that fixed telephone started to enter the home. That time is not yet the scale of the mobile communications industry and Internet industry, the communications industry basic fixed telephone exchange communications industry. http://www.bootsaga.com/

Home phone at that time is very scarce, received thousands of pieces of upfront connection fees, but also to wait in line. The main problem is that China does not have its own telephone exchange technology, especially large-scale digital switching technology, so large-scale program-controlled exchange equipment all imported equipment or foreign-owned monopoly, the odd expensive and the price, no way ah people is to kill you. Such as: the U.S. AT & T (Lucent), Nortel in Canada, as well as in Europe, Siemens, Alcatel, Bell, etc., a lot anyway. These foreign giants are not the production of telephone communications equipment, they are piled in the bureau engine room (that is, those things) based products.

The Guangshen region is the first Chinese private communications equipment companies started. In the late 1980s ベイリーブリング, that area there are a large number of private enterprises began to enter the communications equipment industry imitation, we should note, the equipment industry, rather than a terminal telephone. Huawei and ZTE is the leader in this was a large number of years, which is why the two giant reasons in Shenzhen, Guangzhou-Shenzhen region can be said to be the birthplace of China’s domestic communications industry.

Huawei was the imitation process is very hard, entrepreneurship is not easy, the product technically barely able to survive in the market, but aggressive incomparable. The mid-1990s, I remember an essay on what “IT managers in the world, forget the name, Huawei’s sales than to coyotes, wolves tactics containment foreign investment giant. The author is in communication, many students enter Huawei, ZTE, above those foreign-funded enterprises in the mid-1990s, that time is the pinnacle of the domestic fixed-line communications market. , Huawei’s founder – Zhengfei officer born Taejo of hardcore fans and fans. Huawei’s corporate culture and management system places great emphasis on the ideology of hard work, but also attaches great importance to the cohesion construction, Huawei’s sales that are not generally eat much suffering, and resolutely implement the “encircling the cities from the third-tier cities start to trickle The city center, hehe, this is certainly a far-reaching impact of the combat effectiveness of Huawei.

Huawei represented a number of private enterprises, relying on the of Taejo power of thought and a very strong marketing capability, gradually eating into the share of the market by foreign, also let ordinary people can afford the phone., Coupled with the fixed-line market is shrinking mobile communications market started slowly, and the transformation of traditional foreign giants too slow, barely. Bell and Alcatel merged later merged with Lucent, Nortel hang directly, Siemens China has been to hang on until the mobile communications industry together, then sell communications services to Nokia. Anyway, we Coyotes enterprise this time numerous wayside, really more than cattle.

Huawei mid-1990s began to prepare a new industrial layout for the mobile communications market, the base station you, this is a mobile communication network and the original fixed-line access equipment, belonging to the new market demands, and results in the above cattle than the what Nokia, Ericsson, European mobile communications equipment giant to play Mandizhaoya. During this period, Huawei also staring at the Internet this market ヴィトン 財布, do Internet switching and routing equipment, positive opponent is U.S. imperialism emerging Internet communications equipment giant – Cisco is also constantly fighting, and completely underdogs so later Cisco whole lawsuits, said Huawei plagiarized his patent, it is estimated that this time we do not have something small cottage. As for Huawei do cell phone, that has 2005 purely the role of a rich product line, Huawei is not selling mobile phones, to do communications equipment.

All these development process, Huawei, ZTE always firm to open up overseas markets from Africa, bar iron, the Arab region to open stem, Russia seems to also have, and South America, there is no I do not remember, the Japanese are no international communications standards so into not (their mobile communications, get yourself a set of standard their play with the big guys are not the same, perverted it), the Chinese engineers really able to endure hardship. Anyway, in the international market is “encircling the cities” strategy. Now attack North America and Europe, really proud of.

And Huawei little hard to come by, and always adhere to the large-scale investment in R & D, this scale of development and now so many years, always adhere to the results of the high R & D investment. So as long as the Chinese people insist on R & D in various fields will make something of the world’s leading Huawei is our example, and in the high-tech industry in the communications industry. Course, in various industries, China’s national industry has such examples, many, many.

In addition, the last more than one, from a purely technical point of view to analyze the special procedures and the back door is a very simple thing, built-in network communications equipment. U.S. imperialism worry a little bit of truth in theory, if someday the war, suddenly the network equipment lying nest him how to do. The imperialist face and we did compare like with like, you do not have to Huawei, ZTE, optional face is very narrow. World, reliable communications equipment manufacturers no so much, ha ha.

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