Maxeler joins Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the International Supercomputing Conference, Frankfurt, 24-28 June 2018!

1888 Press Release – Maxeler Multiscale Dataflow Computing for HPC on Amazon EC2 F1 instances.

Maxeler Technologies is proud to announce the availability of Maxeler Multiscale Dataflow Computing for HPC on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Maxeler Technologies has been delivering high performance computing solutions for over a decade, and is now using Amazon EC2 F1 instances to deliver applications such as Quantum Chromodynamics and Real-time Risk for Finance.

“One of the Grand Challenges in Computational Physics, is calculating the binding of quarks by applying Monte Carlo methods to QCD. It is very pleasing to see that Maxeler is pushing the limits of what can be computed and bringing in a new era in large data computation,” says Jerome Friedman who shared the Nobel Prize in 1990 for the discovery of quarks. Maxeler Technologies now provides a Dataflow QCD solution that significantly outperforms existing QCD systems. This Maxeler Dataflow QCD solution is now available for Amazon EC2 F1 instances.

Maxeler’s Real-Time Risk software, a mission critical financial application, is now also available for Amazon EC2 F1. Our RTR software brings the capability of real-time incremental calculations in order to rapidly calculate possible profit & loss scenarios. Maxeler Dataflow Computing on Amazon EC2 F1instances brings competitive advantage to trading desks, where it is urgently needed in volatile markets. Maxeler Technologies is a Standard AWS Network Partner (APN) and will demonstrate both the QCD and RTR applications at the AWS booth A-1351 at ISC 2018. Maxeler will be at its own booth J-515, and takes part in the AWS HPC Partner Passport Programme where attendees receive stamps at visiting AWS Partner booths to take part in a daily raffle for an Amazon Echo.

The new RTR dashboard is available on the AWS Marketplace. “It’s great to see Maxeler’s high performance technology now being implemented on AWS for clients,” says Geoff Smailes, Chairman at Maxeler Technologies, formerly MD at Barclays Group.

About Maxeler
Maxeler Technologies provides Maximum Performance Density for mission critical data processing applications and datasets beyond the currently manageable limits. Maxeler Dataflow Engines (DFEs) have been demonstrated to achieve faster, smaller, and smarter data processing in the datacenter as well as at the Edge of IoT. Ultimately, Maxeler Technologies provides a convenient way to extract value from ultra large datasets and complex data processing challenges.

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