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Maxeler joins Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the International Supercomputing Conference, Frankfurt, 24-28 June 2018!

1888 Press Release – Maxeler Multiscale Dataflow Computing for HPC on Amazon EC2 F1 instances. Maxeler Technologies is proud to announce the availability of Maxeler Multiscale Dataflow Computing for HPC on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Maxeler Technologies has been delivering high performance computing solutions for over a decade, and is now using Amazon EC2 F1 […]

What are Thermoformed Plastics and its Applications?

Thermoforming is the process of producing plastic parts from flat sheets of plastic. These sheets are put through a specified degree of temperature and pressure to achieve a desired design and shape. It is one of the highly advanced forms of technology that is used to produce a wide range of thermoformed plasticsfor daily use […]

Maintaining a House

Maintenance is always a smart idea. Maintenance imposes preventative measures which help minimise and/or lessen common problems involved. In fact, even when it comes to health and wellness, people are told to always maintain a good and healthy lifestyle by eating right and by regular exercise — all in the effort to keep our bodies […]

Balloon Delivery services in Melbourne

Balloon delivery Melbourne service is very common these days and you can discover so many providers even close to your house. These services exist because we are so busy that it becomes difficult to go and shop for these small things required for a big event or even a small party at home. Even if […]

Frustrated trying to find the right name for your business? We’re here to help!

When entrepreneurs try to start a business, many find it difficult to find a good name for their business! There are companies that help such entrepreneurs to create the right name for their business and also make sure the domain is still available as well, that becomes exclusively theirs to use. There are several new […]