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About the Author: Writingarticlex is a skilled writer who has always loved the thought of voicing out one's opinions and ideas through textual media. Although he mostly enjoys creating articles that are in relation to business he is also open to covering a wide variety of topics and writing about just anything that sparks his interest - from headline news to arts, crafts and designs.

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Real Estate Tips and Tools

If you want to be a savvy realtor or a successful real estate developer, the first step is to understand the industry. This is because just like any other type of business, real estate investing can both be rewarding and risky. According to Stephen Lee from the Centre for Real Estate Research (CRER), three issues […]

Is Print Media Bad for the Environment?

There is an ongoing debate whether digital is greener than printing and publishing. One of the most significant issues being tackled is the assumption that paper and print media increases deforestation. Well, most people will tell you that this is certainly true and that print media is clearly the culprit behind the constant cutting of […]

How to Get Rid of Online Threats

Anyone who browses the web or conducts business through the internet can be exposed to online threats. Some of the most common online threats are spyware, phishing, ISP logs, social media exploitation, privacy leaks and identity theft. Most of the time, the rapid increase of attacks are directed towards large companies that make available or […]

The Pros and Cons of Different Countertop Materials

Since, you are reading this article; chances are you are on the look for some well-designed layouts or materials for your kitchen. Supposing that I guessed that right, here are some tips how to enhance your kitchen in an effective and budget friendly way. Additionally, let me tell you about the different pros and cons […]

Maintaining a House

Maintenance is always a smart idea. Maintenance imposes preventative measures which help minimise and/or lessen common problems involved. In fact, even when it comes to health and wellness, people are told to always maintain a good and healthy lifestyle by eating right and by regular exercise — all in the effort to keep our bodies […]