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Maxeler joins Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the International Supercomputing Conference, Frankfurt, 24-28 June 2018!

1888 Press Release – Maxeler Multiscale Dataflow Computing for HPC on Amazon EC2 F1 instances. Maxeler Technologies is proud to announce the availability of Maxeler Multiscale Dataflow Computing for HPC on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Maxeler Technologies has been delivering high performance computing solutions for over a decade, and is now using Amazon EC2 F1 […]

Lieb & Lieb’s Family Law Practice Area Offers Clients Sensitive and Skilled Representation

1888 PressRelease – Lieb & Lieb’s 30-year tradition of providing personalized attention at reasonable costs extends to family law matters. SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Today, having one law firm that can represent an individual in any legal matter can give clients the comfort and security of knowing they will receive quality legal advice every time. […]

The reason behind Pradaxa lawsuits

Pradaxa is a drug that is administered to patients who have atrial fibrillation, i.e., irregular heartbeat that poses a risk of a stroke. It acts as a blood thinning agent and prevents the formation of blood clots. However, the bright side of the story ends right here. Without an antidote the medicine can become deadly […]

How to Save Money with Sky TV Offers

If you love watching television it makes sense to try and look for the best deals you can. If you follow the steps given here you could end up watching all your favourite channels for less money than you might think. How much do you pay to watch television each month? Gone are the days […]

How Ladies Can Attract And Keep Decent Men

Many women talk about the same problem; the men they are trying to possess romantic relationships with are not making the particular grade. They stopped becoming as attentive, loving and caring. These kinds of men halted doing the actual “little affectionate things” that they used to accomplish. What can a female do to reduce these […]