Nokia said ordinary mobile phone sales better than expected: can alleviate loss

Nokia to publish third quarter results report, its sixth consecutive quarterly loss. Nevertheless, the report called ordinary phone sales better than expected, there is a certain degree of its loss mitigation role. The report also pointed out that the company is preparing to release a new generation of smart phones.

Leading a new generation of smart phones in the industry in the next month before the release, Nokia introduced the Asha series feature phones in Asia. The Asha phone has a touch screen and other similar smartphone functions, such as social networking applications and Web browser, and the price is more accessible, made a good response in the emerging markets, for the third quarter of the Finnish company in poor financial condition will not fell on the very point of embarrassment. In the field of ordinary mobile phones, Nokia good financial results, but to gain a foothold in the rapidly expanding smartphone market but the market is currently dominated by Apple’s iPhone series and Samsung products. Nokia has bet its future in the field of smart phones in the so-called Lumia series phones. The series phones running Microsoft’s Windows operating system has a complex and cutting-edge camera and map technology. However, with the marriage of Microsoft’s strategy is not to reverse the situation. This quarter, Nokia sold 63 million units only intelligent machines, 168 million for the same period last year. Of which only 29 million units for the Windows-based platforms Lumia intelligent machine. In the key North American market, Nokia has only sold 30 million mobile phones.

The success of the emerging markets let ordinary phone sold 766 million units last quarter to 735 million units. Nokia said the Asha series phone sales status better than the cheap mobile phones based on Google’s Android system, such as Samsung sold in many developing countries, the Galaxy Mini series and the Galaxy Y series phones; popular in the European market, such as Germany, Italy, Poland and Turkey. Analysis from Swiss bank organization Swedbank, Hakan Wranne said, “large ship is still sinking, but the rate has slowed down to Nokia freeing up time to adjust its smartphone business.

Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as NSN), but in the development and growth of business. These two companies is Nokia’s wireless network business partner, and just a year ago, Nokia Siemens Networks has laid off nearly a quarter of the employees, for corporate restructuring, to achieve the purpose of operating independently and profitability. NSN quarter results reported operating profit of 182 million euros ($ 238.8 million), last year was a loss of 114 million euros, so that the industry greatly surprised. A the analysis from Evli Bank Christie (Mikko Ervasti) known as the Noci third quarter performance “incredible”. However, Nokia, the former world’s largest mobile phone maker, even with Microsoft’s Windows platform for its next-generation smartphone , its performance is still deteriorating. The strategic adjustment of the adventure is designed to eliminate the situation of decline in performance, it is clear that the user has to give up the old Nokia brand, steering smartphone with sleek lines and advanced features, such as Apple’s iPhone or Samsung Galaxy series phones. Therefore do not have a strong market response caused by the new generation of Nokia smart phones based on Windows platform. Nokia’s third quarter performance report shows sales of 7.24 billion euros from 6.93 billion euros expected by analysts, but far lower than the 8.98 billion euros in the same period last year. The third quarter net loss of 969 million, compared with 068 million euros in the same period last year. Cash reserves shrink further, the end of the end of September, to 3.6 billion euros to 4.2 billion euros in the end of July. Week IV the Nokia CEO Stephen Elop in an interview, said the decrease in cash reserves largely rooted in the company’s business structure adjustment. “In fact, this is a contradiction. Faster structural adjustment, the greater the cost of funding, but no matter what, in order to enhance the performance, so the whole is not a bad thing.”

The heavy losses in the third quarter is not surprising. Nokia has long reminded the quarter will not let people easily. This is the case are not yet listed in its biggest ever range of windows phone product line – the flagship product Lumia 920 and slightly lower pricing Lumia 820. Lumia 820 will be listed in the next month. Nokia CEO commitment to its upcoming Lumia series is a blockbuster of the mobile phone market. The E Luopu With Microsoft bundling phone telecom operators, Nokia will increase the marketing budget, increase the total marketing spending, This will make the sales performance of the Lumia series to reach difficult to reach the heights of past windows phone “. Nokia also training for many retail associates to promote the sales of new products. For the next quarter, Nokia still does not seem optimistic about its operating deficit reached 6%. The legacy Symbian (Symbian) phone sales continued to decline, and the Lumia only invest in specific countries and regions, The Lumia Series schedule listed during the Christmas season for its stimulating effect on market sales, Nokia also appears parity “conservative   ルイヴィトンバッグ. ” Robert Coates (Roberta Cozza) from the market research firm Gartner said Nokia Lumia series success can be seen to the end of the fourth quarter to be quite challenging for Nokia. Samsung, Apple and HTC threat, Coates said that “it is clear that the day Nokia still have a difficult time.

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