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About the Author: Why not say that the Diaoyu Islands and Japan simply did not exist the territorial dispute over the Diaoyu Islands since ancient times, is China's inherent in the islands, Japan is now only trying to aggression over the Diaoyu Islands., Japan itself since ancient times aggressive bandit country. Japanese militarism has already begun to rise, the aggressive nature has begun to sprout. China only cut off the Japanese toward the black hand of the Diaoyu Islands, the Diaoyu occupation. China should at any time with the moment to use all means to prevent the Japs the mercy of the Diaoyu Islands Crazy provocative and aggressive demonstrations challenges.

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Obama campaign criticized Romney running mate

Barak • Obama (Barack Obama) campaign team, said Mitt Romney (Mitt Romney) running mate Paul Ryan (Paul Ryan on the left) for “right-wing fanatics”. This makes Ryan to become the central figure of the election, and increased that of the November election the two parties irreconcilable. On Saturday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced before […]

From badminton players be disqualified from the start

Sports personality in order to win with athletes and at some stage is not willing to try to case. Swimming and track and field athletes may slow down their own pace. Tennis star trailing in May give up inning to save energy. To participate in the tournament team understand, they in the first several rounds […]

The American media talk about London and Beijing Olympic Games

The flame was lit in above London, when the United States about the opening ceremony of the media reported a summary spinner. The Olympic opening ceremony, London boiling “, “a on the opening of the rings the circus”, “funny and don’t shy away from Great Britain opening ceremony”…… Because of the two adjacent is the […]

Absolute self loyalty BASSMENT of genetically years

Trend of world-renowned extreme sports and street culture brand DC Shoes teamed ITC a named BASSMENT MOVEMENT activities held in the old wharf of Shanghai, began to promote such an emerging urban cultural forces, based on the local community in the form of Block Party, loyal to the self-, on behalf of young, fun, carnival, […]

Olympic badminton schedule changes affected Chinese athletes IBF apologize

London Olympics start soon, but the IBF suddenly on the Olympic badminton schedule change, and thus apologize for the inconvenience caused by the athletes. July 28 local time, the Olympic badminton tournament will be unveiled at London’s Wembley Stadium, but in the distance races, day time, the IBF suddenly race significantly modified. An official statement […]