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About the Author: Why not say that the Diaoyu Islands and Japan simply did not exist the territorial dispute over the Diaoyu Islands since ancient times, is China's inherent in the islands, Japan is now only trying to aggression over the Diaoyu Islands., Japan itself since ancient times aggressive bandit country. Japanese militarism has already begun to rise, the aggressive nature has begun to sprout. China only cut off the Japanese toward the black hand of the Diaoyu Islands, the Diaoyu occupation. China should at any time with the moment to use all means to prevent the Japs the mercy of the Diaoyu Islands Crazy provocative and aggressive demonstrations challenges.

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China manufacturing sector close to the resumption of growth

China’s manufacturing industry in July, difficult to return to growth path. The survey seems to indicate that government policies aimed at supporting the economy is beginning to work. HSBC (HSBC) said that its Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is expected in July from 48.2 to 49.5, which would mark a five-month high. However, the value of […]

The new iPhone Apple disappointing earnings

Revenue and profit are not of the third quarter of the world’s most valuable listed company Apple (Apple) and Wall Street expectations, fruit powder delayed the purchase plan to wait for the next generation iPhone. Headquartered in California, Apple’s sales in the three months ended June 30 of the 26 million iPhone sales grew 28 […]

Nokia restructuring evolutions: the mobile phone price cuts in China started laying

Nokia announced that it will lay off a million people worldwide at the end of next year, and China, also lay off the range. Earlier this month, Nokia has four sales area of China, merged into the Great Southern area and two North District, accompanied by sales area is the merger layoffs. According to media […]

Nokia’s new mobile phones to sell in the U.S. half of the amount

Nokia has just listed soon flagship phone Lumia900, in the U.S. market contract price reduction by half, two-year contract price from $ 99 down to $ 49.99. Nokia has just listed only three months of the new machine, industry insiders believe the move is Nokia the measures taken in response to fierce competition in the […]

ArcelorMittal may further shut down factories in Europe

Arcelor Mittal (ArcelorMittal) refused to rule out the possibility of further shut down factories in Europe. At the same time, the global steel industry is caught in some observers are concerned that may be up to five years of excess production capacity of. People from the Chinese steel consumption and demand growth significantly recognize the […]