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Michael G. Merhige’s Political Philosophy Thoughtful Pauses Enlightens

1888 Press Release – Former executive and CIA operative’s gripping book exploits the foibles of the very government for which he worked. MIAMI – Revealing, sometimes frightening, Thoughtful Pauses is an enlightening collection of ponderings from one who has seen beyond the veil, author and former CIA officer Michael G. Merhige. A compilation of his […]

Dr. Chiufang Hwang Reveals Roots of Culture of Fear Among Chinese

1888PressRelease – Autobiographer recounts historical events that informed the upbringing of Taiwanese in the United States in new memoir. DALLAS – Like many from Taiwan, Dr. Chiufang Hwang’s parents immigrated in the United States in the late 1960s to flee the regime of a dictator who used murder, brutality, and fear to stay in power […]

So You Think Teendom is Just an Awkward Age? Guess again

1888PressRelease – TEENDOM Battle for Father Earth’s Templum is a spellbinding tale of young love, humanity, and heartbreak set against the majestic cityscapes of Mother Earth and sprawling fantasyscapes of Teendom where spirits live, mystical warriors battle, and every teenage human recruit must fight to stay as they compete for both Earth’s ultimate prize. Los […]

Become a Published Author During Donna Price’s Summer Book Writing

1888 Press Release – Summer is the perfect time to get your book written and published. During Donna Price’s summer bootcamp you can do just that. Donna Lynn Price, teaches want-to-be-authors how to get their books written and published quickly and easily. Newton, New Jersey: Published author, speaker and business success coach, Donna Lynn Price, […]

JC Howell Publishes Much-Anticipated Romantic-Philosophical

1888PressRelease – This captivating story follows an orphan-turned-Harvard-medical-student, a modern-day Spartacus, who uses love to free the slaves from the gladiator ring of institutional, language-thinking existence. DALLAS — Orphaned as a preemie and raised by the Sisters of Freedom at the orphanage Essence in the mountains of Andorra, Antonio Dasein has come of age. With […]