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Author Michael G. Merhige Says the Law Should Not Be Society’s Principal Moral Instrument

(1888 PressRelease) Former military and CIA officer claims society is at risk when the law exclusively determines right and wrong. MIAMI – When the law solely itself, and not convention or one’s moral compass, determines what is right or wrong, Michael G. Merhige fears the risks become inherent. Thereafter, whatever the powers choose to define […]

Michael G. Merhige’s New Book Takes Aim at Politicians: the Enemy Within

1888 Press Release – Thoughtful Pauses claims special interests stand in the way of a democratic government. MIAMI – Former CIA operative Michael G. Merhige was once a Washington insider. But now the Beltway is a target in his new political philosophy, Thoughtful Pauses. “Lobbyists and organized election money contributors stand in the way of […]

Michael G. Merhige Highlights Concerns of a Monopolistic Media

1888 Press Release – Former executive and CIA operative calls media a destructive weapon. MIAMI – Author and former CIA officer Michael G. Merhige is no stranger to investigating dictatorships. And in his new book, Thoughtful Pauses, he concludes that contemporary media is every bit a dictatorship, controlling the misinformation given and information not given […]

Michael G. Merhige’s Political Philosophy Thoughtful Pauses Enlightens

1888 Press Release – Former executive and CIA operative’s gripping book exploits the foibles of the very government for which he worked. MIAMI – Revealing, sometimes frightening, Thoughtful Pauses is an enlightening collection of ponderings from one who has seen beyond the veil, author and former CIA officer Michael G. Merhige. A compilation of his […]

Dr. Chiufang Hwang Reveals Roots of Culture of Fear Among Chinese

1888PressRelease – Autobiographer recounts historical events that informed the upbringing of Taiwanese in the United States in new memoir. DALLAS – Like many from Taiwan, Dr. Chiufang Hwang’s parents immigrated in the United States in the late 1960s to flee the regime of a dictator who used murder, brutality, and fear to stay in power […]