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Learning SEO Basics

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a set of practices that a website owner uses to help improve a site’s visibility and effectiveness in search engines. A website must cater to search engines, for the most part, because a vast majority of people use search engines to find what they’re looking for. If […]

Relevancy and Usability

These elements are generally most important to the human visitor to a page, but benefitting the user is a great way to gain more visitors and more rank. Being constantly accessible and easy to understand can only benefit a site through loyalty from current customers and increased numbers of new customers. The relevancy of a […]

Titles, Headings, and Page Descriptions

Aside from the text of an article, keywords should be used within page titles, headings, and page descriptions as well. This serves two purposes. First, when users see these words within the titles and headings, which they will see before they begin to read any content, they know that this page will give them the […]

What is Page Rank?

Page ranking is the basis of how search engines operate. By giving each page a rating based on the page’s quality and relevancy, search engines can begin to differentiate between quality sites and inferior sites. Through SEO practices, a company will improve their overall quality and thus improve their ranking in search engines. Since search […]

Effective Writing

Many websites will skip this important step when creating a site using SEO. They often forget that the content of the site matters just as much as keyword usage or linking. Today’s search engine spiders take language and writing into account. Search engines have begun to examine whole language rather than just words and will […]