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Advantage To Getting Your Med’s At A Dispensary?

There are several advantages to procuring your medical marijuana at a dispensary rather than finding them on the “Street”. Your local weed dealer is not concerned for your health, he is simply trying to make a buck. This opinion is not in stone and we are sure that there are some street dealers that are […]

Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational Use

When proponents of recreational marijuana use in Washington State began their fight to legalize the substance one thing never occurred to them…they would hit a bump in the road caused by the medical marijuana industry. A bump they have hit however leaving some to ask how on earth did this happen? The problem lies in […]

Growing The Best Marijuana Seeds

There are two basic forms of marijuana seeds. First, there is the form of seeds that are best cultivated indoors and then there is a strain that is best grown outdoors. Beginners of weed cultivation often consider using indoor marijuana seeds because they are easier to cultivate. These seeds require less maintenance and less growing […]

Growing Cannabis – The Most Effective Results

Cannabis is believed to be the largest cash crop in the United States despite its growing being illegal. The cultivationof marijuana is not new and dates back for medical purposes as far back as ancient China and Afghanistan. It wasn’t actually until the late 20th centurythat the use, growth and sale of cannabis seedswere banned. […]

Which Affect the Supply of Nutrients and Oxygen in the Brain

Iron is one of the main raw materials of human hemoglobin synthesis in vivo. The main function of hemoglobin is to transport oxygen to the various tissues and organs, and transport the carbon dioxide produced in the tissue metabolism to the lungs and excrete outside. Moreover, iron is the carrier of some enzymes and electron […]