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Your Options in Facial Rejuvenation: Surgical Versus Non-Surgical

Our aging face has individual patterns and multiple components which are affected by both genetics and environmental factors. Genetically, the aging of our face is programmed in the pattern of our parent’s genetic traits. However, environmental factors such as smoking, drinking, sun exposure and stresses are the catalyst for skin damage and premature aging. Facial […]

Reproductive Dysfunction and Psychology The Effects of Emotions on Male Organ Health

Reproductive dysfunction in men and women is a complex issue, and there are many factors that can affect a person’s ability to engage in and to enjoy intimacy. While physiological issues often play a role, one important aspect that should be considered is the effect of emotions and mental health on an individual’s ability to […]

Weird Manhood Tricks – World Records, Party Feats and More

Over the millennia, mankind has put together a fine list of accomplishments: from agriculture to civilization, from the automobile to modern medicine, to rapid social and technological progress, the human race can rate itself as a highly accomplished species. Among all of these other high-toned achievements, it is also worth mentioning the lesser-known, but no […]

Male Organ Hygiene Not Up to Par? Quick Fixes for a Fresher Manhood

Many a female has stubbornly refused to engage in oral contact with her partner, and who can blame her? Even men who shower every morning are likely to develop some degree of funk during the course of the day’s activities, and it should not be surprising to any that a woman would prefer not to […]

Boosting Reproductive Drive – The Return of the Red Manhood

Although guys like to make out that they have a firm red manhood that is always excited and ready to go at the drop of a hat, the truth is that there are times when every man’s reproductive drive is at a “low ebb.” Sometimes this is temporary; other times it can be longer lasting. […]