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Preventing Male Organ Problems – When She Wants to Get Exotic and He Doesn’t

A little exotic bedroom experimentation can be a lot of fun, and it is a great way to spice up any relationship. However, due to the risk of male organ problems, some men may be reluctant to participate With appropriate male organ care, a man can be in good shape to undertake a wide variety […]

The Itchy Manhood and Public Places – Useful Precautionary Measures

It happens all the time: a guy is in a very public place with people all around (including some that he desperately wants to impress) when he is suddenly struck with a case of an unbearably itchy manhood. Sure, if it happens just once during the evening, he can surreptitiously make a quick scratch or […]

Identifying Tumescence Problems – Diagnostic Tests for Loss of Male Organ Function

Loss of manhood function is not just a problem for older men. A significant number of younger men – even those in their late teens and early twenties – may experience tumescence problems that inhibit their ability to enjoy a normal intimate life. This problem can be distressing, frustrating, and embarrassing – not to mention […]

Self-stimulation Marathons and the Sore Manhood

No matter how much he may revel in extraordinary partner encounters, every man likes to occasionally (or more than occasionally) spend a little time engaging in solo self-stimulation – often to the point of acquiring a rather sore manhood. Every man’s self-stimulation needs and desires are different, of course; some men go for months between […]

Reproductive Health Advisory – Avoid These Common Rubber Mistakes

Rubbers are an essential part of safe coupling, and men (and women) should always insist on using them. This rule applies to everyone, whether they have mutual partners or they are in a committed relationship. The only exception for skipping the rubber is in the case of a truly monogamous relationship, where both partners have […]