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Discolored Manhood skin – Causes, Risk Factors and Prevention

The skin of a man’s male organ rarely matches the skin on the rest of his body; in lighter-skinned men, the manhood skin may be darker, while darker-skinned men may have a lighter-hued tool. In fact, in a single man, the color of the skin may be differentiated between the head and the shaft – […]

Avoiding Male Organ Shrinkage through Lifestyle Choices and Proper Manhood Care

As every man knows, manhood size is not static; aside from the obvious expansion that occurs during tumescence, the boys downstairs frequently change in size as a natural response to heat and cold. What many may not know is that the vast majority of men will experience some degree of male organ shrinkage over time. […]

Red Male Organ Concerns – Common Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

For any man, unzipping the trousers and discovering a red, discolored male organ can be extremely startling, uncomfortable, and alarming. This condition can be particularly worrisome if the discolored male organ is accompanied by other symptoms such as bumps, itching, flaking, discharge, and pain. The most important factor in dealing with this condition is determining […]

Male Organ Pain Explained – Could It Be Urethritis?

The skin of the human body plays host to millions upon millions of microbes, including good and bad bacteria. Most of the time, these so-called germs maintain a balance, and they don’t cause any trouble. However, when chemical changes in the body occur, or the tissue is damaged in some way, these bacteria can cause […]

A Male organ Health Routine for Every Man

When’s the last time a guy shared his intimate male organ care secrets with his buddies? Chances are, that’s the kind of conversation that never happens. Most men like to keep private things private, and that means they don’t yap about bathroom or bedroom stuff. Period. But sometimes, learning more about how other people stay […]