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Is Legal Marijuana a Cash Cow for the US?

Is legalizing marijuana going to be a cash cow for the United States? Many users and supporters in general say yes…while decenters claim that more money will be spent on the after effects. Sure enough, however, no matter which side you fall on opinion wise, it appears that, to some degree, cannabis may be a […]

Oregon’s Dispensary Program Not as Easy as Many Hoped for

The applications for the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries are printed and ready to go. The newly enacted law has set the tone for the state’s medical marijuana community to move forward with the legal dispensing of cannabis. Wait! What’s that on the horizon? It appears that not everyone is on the bandwagon for dispensaries […]

Oregon: Marijuana Dispensary Security Rules Set

It’s a question of security that is on the table in reference to Oregon’s Medical Marijuana dispensaries. Everyone realizes that there can be a dark element to the industry so the committee that is attempting to hammer out the regulations is now tasked with deciding how to best handle the need for security. Oregon’s medical […]

Best among All the Devices, Iolite Stands Out!

Smoking is one subject which has the most disadvantages and still people smoke. It is not healthy and wise to smoke on a daily basis. But who would listen? Smoking is one habit which would be with you lifetime if you don’t try to come out of it. It’s like a whirlpool in which with […]

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

With nearly countless attempts of quit smoking failing, you might want to shift to a totally new option which is not just effective but a precious self development technique. One such technique that has helped addicts come out of the habit is hypnosis. Self hypnosis has become quite popular in most of the places around […]