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A Review on Rhino Seeds

Rhino Seeds are actually a type of marijuana strains manufactured in the market. These seeds often represent themselves in indica form. They always come with a combination of White Widow strain. Hence, they are naturally very strong and offer high effects, once the buds are smoked. Additionally, these rhino seeds contain over 15% of THC […]

Features and Benefits of Sour Diesel Seeds

Sour Diesel is a cannabis strain which is also called as Sour D. It is the cross between chemo indica and Mexican sativa. This seed strain generates fast effects on the users with its high amount of sativa concentration. It is best known for its amazing strong scent as it uplifts the users within minutes […]

Prospective threats associated with dope seeds

Dope seeds, as the name suggests, are usually considered to be used for smoking (recreational purposes). They are known to provide a high to the smoker that makes him feel immensely happy. Also known as marijuana seeds or weed seeds, these dope seeds are banned in most of the countries as they are deemed to […]

Finding cannabis seeds for sale

Cannabis seeds are required for growing marijuana. They are found at many online stores. One can easily select an array of cannabis seeds from the online stores. These online stores are generally seed banks that manufacture cannabis seeds for sale. They provide discounts on the seeds or they either let you buy the seeds at […]

Guidelines to follow when you want to buy marijuana online

26 July, 2012 Marijuana seeds are very famous in some countries and banned in some countries. These seeds have both positive and negative effect on an individual and are used for medicinal and recreational purpose. Some people love to cultivate the marijuana seeds and is treated as a hobby among individuals. The concern here is […]