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Does Calorie Counting Work?

Calories are not the enemy. Most people believe that eating fewer calories will result in weight loss. This is not exactly true. If you are eating 2500 calories per day and drop down to 1500 calories per, you won’t necessarily lose weight. If you cut your calories by too much, then you will reach a dieting plateau; a point where you will no longer loose weight.

What Are the Plus of the Acai Berries?

Are you one of the people who want to lose weight fast? If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight or a product that will reduce the effects of aging, the acai berry is a one stop product.

Being a Trendy and Sexy Mom through Acai Berry

I am contentedly married with two kids. Before having kids, my weight was between 115-120 pounds and that was average for my height which is 5’4″. Subsequent to giving birth to my first child, I started gaining weight, about 10 pounds. When my second child was born, my weight skyrocketed to 155 pounds. I don’t know how it took place but it did.