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How to get rid of acne scars

Introduction. Acne scars are black ranks mostly found on the face, chest, shoulders and back of one`s body. They are formed as a result of pimples and picking zits. After pimples heal, they leave behind scars. There are also skin issues like cystic acnes that leave scars behind after they heal. Acne scars occur in […]

A Moisturizer That Works As Foundation!

Want something better and quicker than traditional foundations? The best tinted moisturizers can give you a life free of foundation. This is a light-weighted formula that provides an amazing coverage on the face. Are you ready to sweep your make-up kit with magic? Get a tint on your face! A tinted moisturizer is basically a […]

Ways To Apply Makeup When You Are Getting Late For Work

Late for the office? It happens to everyone. We all have experienced those “rush hour” mornings that are a result of hitting the snooze button too many times or partying late night. In such a rush, can you even think of making up your face? Yes, it is possible, provided you have the best skin […]

Combine Your Wrinkle Reducer With Facial Exercises For The Best Effect!

Various factors play a role in the formation of wrinkles. One of them is the decrease in collagen levels in the skin. This protein is accountable for keeping the skin smooth and young. Another protein that keeps skin elastic is elastin. With age, the skin loses its capacity to produce both these proteins in adequate […]

Choosing Cosmetic Brushes Requires a Lot of Thinking

There was a time when application of make-up was the sole privilege of stage artists and owing to their profession they had their own make-up artist along with a personalized kit. But now courtesy of growing social complexities, using make-up and cosmetics brushes is a part of daily routine for people from various walks of […]