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Zeelool: What were the Most Popular Glasses in the 70s?

(1888PressRelease) The 1970s was an era of self-expression and bold fashion choices. Representing the fashion eyeglasses of that time were oversized frames, aviator sunglasses, round glasses, and tinted lenses, among others. New York, NY – Oversized frames stood out with their chunky design and vibrant colors, while aviator sunglasses exuded a sense of adventure. Round […]

Feel Good Contacts celebrates spring with Farah frames for less

(1888PressRelease) Feel Good Contacts, the online retailer offering designer and original eyewear brands for less than the high street, is putting a special emphasis on Farah’s timeless collection of prescription and non-prescription glasses frames this spring. As part of Feel Good Contacts’s spring fashion edit, Farah is the brand to pay attention to. Between 14/04/2023 […]

Let the men go thunderstruck watching you in the new Rip Curl bikini set

How can you flaunt your finest cleavage better while partying on the beach? It all comes down to purchasing swimwear in the size that you normally wear. It will be more appealing if you are also receiving the bust pads. It is composed of silicone gel and may be used with or without water. It’s […]

The different types of best mens beach slippers

Your sightseeing tours can be memorabilia or a nightmare depending upon what type of slippers you wear for the venture. Especially, if it is not a smooth terrain like the ones in the zoological parks and woods, then you need something really good enough to allow sufficient air penetration. The ankles, heels, and toes should […]

Make use of the summer clothes sale San Diego to cut costs

Sliders and sandals would suit you’re the best to wear and keep you cool from your feet, during summer. Leo sandals and the trunks would look good on plus-sized men. If you wear a hat and that Rolex glittering on your forehand, then that is a signature style statement. Shorts and sneakers are not a […]