Zeelool: What were the Most Popular Glasses in the 70s?

(1888PressRelease) The 1970s was an era of self-expression and bold fashion choices. Representing the fashion eyeglasses of that time were oversized frames, aviator sunglasses, round glasses, and tinted lenses, among others.

New York, NY – Oversized frames stood out with their chunky design and vibrant colors, while aviator sunglasses exuded a sense of adventure. Round frames embodied the free-spirited atmosphere of the counterculture movement, and tinted lenses added a touch of nostalgia.

What are the popular 70s glasses online at Zeelool?
Zeelool offers a range of eyeglasses that capture the popular styles of the 1970s. The eyeglass designs combine classic elements from the ’70s with modern craftsmanship, ensuring that you can experience both nostalgia and comfortable, high-quality visual experiences. Whether it’s oversized frames, retro-inspired round glasses, aviator sunglasses, or others, you can revisit the era filled with individuality and freedom.

Oversized Frames:
Wide and bold frames were a prominent trend in the 1970s. These frames usually have wide temples and oversized lenses, often with bright colors, intricate patterns, or metallic decorations, creating a striking and fashionable look. In addition, due to the rise of paparazzi culture in the 1970s, oversized glasses were very popular among celebrities to avoid being hunted by paparazzi.

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Influenced by the fashion of the 1960s, round glasses gained popularity in the 1970s. These frames were often associated with a vintage or hippie style and featured circular lenses and slim frames. Compared to traditional square or rectangular glasses, they had a softer and non-conventional appearance.

Aviator Sunglasses:
Inspired by military aviator eyeglasses, aviator-style sunglasses became popular in the ’70s. These sunglasses typically featured large teardrop-shaped lenses, thin metal frames, and double-nose bridges. The lenses often came in blue, green, or amber colors, giving wearers a sense of adventure, confidence, and a retro yet fashionable vibe.

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Although cat-eye glasses were more popular in the 1950s and 1960s, they continued their popularity into the 1970s as a fashionable choice. The upswept outer corners of cat-eye frames evoked femininity and retro charm.

Tinted Lenses:
Sunglasses with tinted lenses were a popular accessory in the 1970s. Colors such as amber, brown, green, blue, and rose were common and added a warm and stylish touch to the eyeglasses. Tinted lenses not only filter out bright light and UV rays but also add a nostalgic touch and unique personality to the overall look.

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Tortoiseshell frames made from acetate or cellulose acetate were highly popular in the 1970s. They typically featured a mixed-color tortoiseshell pattern (brown, black, and amber) resembling the patterns found on turtle shells or tiger stripes. Tortoiseshell glasses added a vintage and luxurious touch with their warm tones and unique textures, reflecting the era’s focus on nature and ecology.

Why did people wear big glasses in the 70s?
The popularity of oversized frames in the 1970s can be attributed to a combination of fashion trends, cultural influences, and a desire for self-expression. These factors came together to create a unique eyewear style.

The bold and eye-catching nature of oversized frames allowed wearers to stand out from the crowd and represented an attitude of breaking traditional norms.

Celebrities of the ’70s played a significant role in popularizing oversized frames. Musicians like Elton John and John Lennon were famous for their extravagant eyeglasses choices, including oversized frames. Their fashionable selections influenced a generation of fans who admired their style.

The rise of counterculture and the hippie movement in the 1970s also contributed to the popularity of oversized frames. They became a fashion statement that emphasized individuality, the pursuit of freedom, and a rejection of conformity.

Advancements in technology, such as lightweight and durable materials like plastic and acetate, allowed for the creation of larger, practical oversized frames without compromising comfort and visual correction.

Furthermore, oversized frames helped create a balanced and harmonious facial appearance by accentuating the contours of the eyes and enhancing facial features, catering to the aesthetic preferences of many fashion enthusiasts in the 1970s.

Whether you’re seeking a retro vibe or aiming to showcase your sense of style, the 1970s eyeglasses styles at Zeelool will be your ideal choice. Explore our online selection of over 2000 eyeglasses, use our online AR try-on feature, and find the perfect pair that complements your unique style.


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