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Dehn el Oudh – An everlasting oriental fragrance

The word ‘perfumes’ or fragrances evoke the mystical aura of fine smell while making them one of the most demanding wardrobe accessories in the world. The whole marketplace is blessed with a plethora of fragrances that makes the main constituent of a perfume. From spicy to floral, the world perfumes have always captivated the mankind […]

Important Considerations on Choosing the Right Tattoo Parlor

In the past generations tattoos were restricted and mostly people have wrong thoughts about the tattoos. But today tattoos gained more popularity among the people and there is no negative thought as the past days. Because of this reason there are several tattoo and piercing parlors were introduced throughout the world. Just like the tattoos […]

350-030 study text

      passpeak 350-030 software is offered to help you test yourself to see whether you have mastered the Conducting CCIE Unified Wireless Site Survey knowledge firmly and have the ability to make the right choice. The price on the page of 350-030 is only for the PDF file, not including the Self Test Engine. If […]

Types of Navel Piercing And Belly Bars

Navel piercings There are lots of types of navel piercing. A reputable piercer will be able to distinguish 14 different types of navels; there are many more types than just ‘inny’ and ‘outy’! The type of piercing, how long it takes to heal and which belly bars you can wear depends on what type of navel […]

Getting A Nose Stud: Significance, Piercing and Types

NOSE STUDS IN SOCIETY. Nose piercing is the piercing of the skin or cartilage on the nose. Nostril piercings are the most popular piercing on the nose, which is when the nose stud is seen on the side of the nose, on or near its indentation. Other areas of the nose can be pierced however, […]