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The Technology Behind Tactical Pants

Tactical clothing is an important and takes a vital part of any law enforcement personnel’s overall uniform. Aside from the clothing’s symbolic implication in determining a troop from the general populous, tactical pants can greatly affect the personnel in performing his or her duties. Individuals who wear this type of clothes need to move around […]

511 Tactical – The Best Tactical Brand on the Market

 Are you aware of the latest and most popular Tactical brands available on the market that are providing consumers with the highest quality tactical items? Have you gathered sufficient information about the brand that is well recognized for the best range of tactical products available for sale? The latest brand available these days is 511 […]

Does your office furniture supply include these small essentials?

You may think of office furniture as some of the larger items of office products that get ordered, and in a way you’d be right. Computer desks and meeting tables and chairs certainly make up the bulk of the average office furniture order, but there are lots of smaller office furniture supply items that are […]

Stock up for an epic British summer at Shorters

The Diamond Jubilee, Euro 2012, the London Olympics…..there has never been a more eventful summer in Britain than that of 2012. Stock up for what is set to be an epic British summer with Shorters Club (, selling all the wholesale food, beverages, confectionery, paper plates and cutlery that you’ll need for months of partying! […]

Booker Wholesale’s guide to soft drinks, key products for catering firms

Soft drinks are, in the opinion of Booker Wholesale (, one of the unsung heroes of wholesale catering products. Too often they are seen as filler or add-on products, but in actual fact they are key to turnover and represent a simple way to increase your sales. Here’s wholesaler Booker’s guide to soft drinks. Whether […]