Does your office furniture supply include these small essentials?

You may think of office furniture as some of the larger items of office products that get ordered, and in a way you’d be right. Computer desks and meeting tables and chairs certainly make up the bulk of the average office furniture order, but there are lots of smaller office furniture supply items that are just as essential, reveals Office1web (

Pedestals – these are seen dotted around just about every office, and it’s not surprising given the plethora of functions they have. Their drawers make them handy places to keep your often-used office stationery, while lockable pedestals are ideal for storing your valuables, wallet or handbag. If space is at a premium, they fit snugly under office desks, or you can use their surface to hold more business supplies or hardware such as printers.

Lockers – if storing valuables in pedestals is not practical for your office, then don’t forget lockers in your next office furniture order. They offer your employees somewhere safe for their personal belongings or they can be used to store valuable company items, from keys to confidential documents.

Screens – these really are essential pieces of kit for the average office. Use them to compartmentalise your office space, cut down on sound, provide a place for employees to pin up schedules or holiday charts, mark out various departments with them….they have so many uses.

Chair mats – very simple furniture accessories yet they will please your employees (no more slipping around) and your office manager (save on costly carpet replacement from all those chair castor marks).

Don’t forget that at Office1web we also help businesses of all sizes with a complete office furniture refit, ensuring all these office furniture supply small essentials are included and working with you to compile a list which fits in with your budget. Find out more at

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