Home prices set to fall in near future

With the steep rise in interest rate and tight liquidity, real estate companies across the country are facing an inventory overhang. Data from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) sugest that mortgage additions in key metros have been stagnant since 2007 and the proportion of loans taken to the total absorption sugests higher investor participation […]

Pan American Metals of Miami Takes A Quick Look at Recent History

(1888PressRelease) A look over the last five years shows the true value of precious metals. MIAMI, FL,Amidst the ups and downs that seem to dominate the precious metals market these days, it is worth taking a quick refresher course on what has happened to the metals over the last five years. Five years ago, gold […]

Figures released of Campaign finance

Leading up to Tuesday’s city election, mayoral candidate Ed O’Neill is this election cycle’s biggest fundraiser and spender, according to campaign documents filed with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure board. O’Neill raised $12,150, and spent $9,197.15 on his campaign. His biggest contributers include Juanita and James Byrn, who each donated $2,000, Tamara Olsen, who […]

Now Home Loans Available at No Prepayment Penalty

National Housing Board’s (NHB) two major decisions promise to bring cheer to home loan borrowers: 1. NHB has barred the housing finance companies (HFCs) from charging prepayment penalty on floating rate home loans. In case of the fixed rate home loan, the prepayment penalty can be charged. However, in this case, if the borrower is […]

Saving Rates Hike not in Cards: SBI

The two banks that have offered 6% on their saving bank deposits are the banks with a very small network offices. Therefore they perhaps need to take this battle for saving bank deposits to the pricing front rather than the service front, but our understanding is that saving bank customers are looking for much more. […]